Jacopo de' Barbari's woodcut, the Map of Venice - zoomable map

Gentile Bellini - Procession in St. Mark's Square - Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice (1495) - zoomable image

Palaces on Canale Grande - East Bank (San Marco, Cannaregio) - tagged Bing map

Palaces on Canale Grande - West Bank (Santa Croce, San Polo, Dorsoduro) - tagged Bing map

The Churches of Venice - a complete list of existing & now lost churches

Mapping the Golden Age of Venice - Princeton Map - important places

Venice's Naval Bases in Greece - interactive map

Venice and the Levant / Middle East - Eastern influences on Venice

Web Gallery of Art - Renaissance Paintings

Italian Renaissance Costumes - The Wardrobe - historical paintings & portraits

Renaissance Costume - historical paintings & portraits

360 Cities - Panoramas of Venice

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice - Version with Al Pacino (2004)

A Maritime Republic - Venetian Galley

Sultan Suleyman's Crown described in Sanudo (55:634-35) - Magnificent Century, Turkish TV Series, Episode 47

Venice's Hidden Secrets - The Telegraph - list of curiosities

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January 14, 2019